the saving of henry

february 22nd, 2011 | posted by laura | people + place

This morning while getting into the working groove after a holiday, Jeff one of the lead designers, was sitting at his desk when he looked out of our front windows to notice that there was a cat stuck high up on one of the connector pillars!  We were all mortified because it looked like it was so scared and there was no way off of the pillar for the little guy, without plunging down or leaping into freeway traffic.

We notified the fire department across the street but they didn’t seem too concerned and was going to just see if it made it off on its own. Needless to say, we weren’t okay with that response.  We notified animal control and were waiting a call back to see how to proceed, when Linda, another senior designer, just grabbed her car keys and decided that we had to take action now and we would go rescue it!  Linda, Janet, and Laura piled into the car, cat treats in-hand!

They drove up onto the connector and put on the hazard lights on the shoulder of the freeway.  Janet reached through the crack with some cat treats, and the helpless cat seemed all-to-ready to be rescued.  Janet grabbed the little guy by the scruff, while Laura reached over the wall and scooped him up, Linda waiting to grab Laura by the belt-loops if needed!  The little cat was safe!

We brought him back to the office and gave him food, water, and lots of loving. The whole office was relieved and participated in the celebration! Marie had an idea to look on Craigslist to see if anyone had reported a cat fitting the description of the one we just rescued.  It was a miracle! There was a posting for a lost cat that perfectly fit the description of our little rescue, his name was Henry and he was wearing a hemp collar with a shell clasp.  We called the owner, Jody, who proceeded to tell us that Henry had been missing since February 15th and she had been so upset, crying at night when she would look at pictures of him.  Jody was so thrilled that it barely took her 10 minutes to come get Henry to take him home!

We were so happy and made for the best “feel good” story to start out the week!

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